Entierro de la Sardina 2010 / english

By | 04.03.2010

deceased waited peacefully in its coffin leaned to the fountain on the square in front of old church))

Burururururu—Boom guys banged in all power! Here they are — young anti globalists )))))) Almost none of the parade in Barcelona is complete without such a support)))

The ladies were just beautiful!

Here is how it feels to be a grown up )), mascara, lipstick and chips as much as you want!

Obviously something going to happen here… charcoal, and white foam boxes

Even the angels came down to the light

People were dressed in different costumes, for example, a costume of a white coach))

For children this event is special and exciting

Jack the Sparrow .. quite young

He, and his colleagues

He again — giving an interview to Catalonian TV))

So many people came, so many sorrowful people at once at one small place ..

Vital question, when it is best to wash dishes after meal or before?

this girl is just Buksts girl!

… …. I forgive all or please dont go))))

oh … what a thrill

and a bit more here, porfavore))

Devil and star wars robot hand — made from cardboard boxes

very amusing)) attention to the details)))

keeping fit and golden stripes — this is it — the guarantee of health

Drums beat, all children are in make up, a last farewell,
all ready … lets carry

The whole procession moved from the church square to the seaside

Fellini’s women wiping tears under their black veils

traffic was stopped .. special person on a bike with a flasher and in real police uniform, pre-cleared the way at the crossroads

Bang the drums, cant stop the sorrow !

street by street moving to sea shore, from time to time the procession stopped, and the lady mourned the dead

that’s it .. Barcelona beach, nothing cant be heard but only burururubum ..

time to say all unsaid. Farewell and last photos

Now FIRE! The drums drowned in sound of fireworks, on the barbecue-like construction the cremation started. Sardine was burning slowly and unwillingly. These people helped her burning with various special-means

they turned it from side to side, the sun was setting, and the materials were hardly burning ))

Finally lets say it was burnt, children were handed out candy ..

… .. and with beat of drums, we went, back to the beginning ..

Those who could not attend, and who after many years feeling fed with fish , were watching the event at the doors of their houses

And here again the church place!

Local singers touchingly performed songs, and one elder man screamed Visca Catalunya!

Most grateful audience are children as always

And their parents, as usual were engaged in preparing meal.

… Especially since the meal included two tasty hot sardines )))))) But everyone in its turn!

The fish was taken out of those foam boxes, and spread on hot metal sheet

it was a lot of work … and lot of those wanting to get their fish (especially it’s for free) — every one at the place

More and more boxes were sent to the firepan

That’s a piece of happiness for my own!